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Welcome to Remapping Kilmarnock!

We are the premier UK remapping specialists in Kilmarnock and we can be trusted to give you not only the best remapping service & price but promise we can improve your car or van’s fuel efficiency / economy and boost your engine’s BHP ( Brake Horse Power ) / torque.


15 Dean St

Tel: 01563 591 166

What is remapping?

Remapping is a process by which we read & adjust your engine unit or ECU to give your vehicle its optimum tuning performance and it’s not just for turbo-heads! The ECU is the brain of your car’s engine and controls how it works by using an onboard computer. When your car left the factory, the ECU was designed to give decent tuning performance & power over average road and climate conditions, fuel quality and the various driving regulations. Here in the UK we have much better roads, fuel and climate and can cope with a much higher engine & ECU performance so it is safe for us to make remapping modifications to your settings. A little known secret is that sometimes car manufacturers deliberately tune the software to give a reduced engine performance to allow them to release a new range or fleet of models later on with a much higher price tag; often with just small remapping mods to the onboard computer.

How do we remap your car?

When we map your vehicle in Kilmarnock, we read and then make small mods to these ECU control settings by overwriting the original remaps tuning software with better ECU code to improve performance, increasing your power with a higher BPH and increasing fuel efficiency. The process is quick and usually 30 minutes is long enough. It’s safe and with our systems, most cars can be improved. The process is sometimes called chipping because in the old days we actually removed parts including the ECU from your car and replaced them with new and improved parts. With today’s more modern and efficient technology, this is unnecessary and everything can be done to your ECU onboard and in rapid time with no parts left over.

Remapping Kilmarnock

Improved Engine Performance & Tuning

After the ECU remap modifications tuning service is complete, you will notice an improvement in speed & savings immediately. Your car will be faster with an increase in horsepower (BPH), power & throttle so be careful!

The engine will also be a lot more responsive after a remapping, you won’t have to change gear so much and it will be easier and safer to overtake so watch your timing! The engine will also be more fuel efficient (with normal driving behaviour) due to the less frequent change of gear so there is less demand on your engine, giving you more miles to the gallon. So you’ll be faster, safer and better off! If you have a turbo-charger, the tuning results will be truly breathtaking.

What engine improvements can I expect?

Usually you can get around a 20% increase in both torque and fuel efficiency with our tuning service although this obviously varies so please use our handy search box below and input your vehicle’s make and model to find out what you can hope to achieve with our services. A remaps tuning can sometimes get an immediate improvement in horsepower of between 30 and 40bph and torque of around 70-80nm.

Our remapping promise

Whatever tuning improvements that can be made, we promise to always be honest with you and never mislead you as to what you can realistically expect. Our search box below is a good guide to the improvements but please get in touch with us so we can calculate exactly how rapid you will be after your remaps tune!

Our garage in Kilmarnock is fully equipped with the latest in tuning technology and operated by qualified engineers and we will walk you through the whole remapping process.

We offer a warranty on the ECU software so you can be assured if anything goes amiss we are right there to help, although this is very rare.

Please note that although most modern vehicles can be remapped successfully, there are some older cars on the road that can’t be improved. Cars manufactured before 2000 might be a problem. If your car has an onboard computer though it should work fine with a tuning. Call us to see what we can offer you.

Do I have to tell my insurer my car has been remapped?

Remapping, although it isn’t visible, is still classed as a vehicle modification and so you need to inform your insurance company. Most will insure you with a remapped car but many will not pay out in the event of a claim if you haven’t informed them beforehand.

There could be further legal repercussions too so make sure you tell them it has had a tuning.

What do I do next?

3 steps to happiness

1. Search for your vehicle in the search box below to see what engine tuning improvements you can expect and then…

2. Get in touch with the email form below for an accurate quote, giving us the exact make and model of your car. We will contact you by email or phone with an absolutely no obligation offer of services.

You’ll be surprised how cheap it is for such great results!

3. Then you can go along to our garage in Kilmarnock, we will read your ECU and you can get your tuning done in an afternoon.
I’ll add a fourth…

4. Be overjoyed at the increases in speed and fuel economy of your brand new car! It will be rapid & have LOADS of extra power, believe me!

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Have a quick look at the video below to get some more info and then fill out the search box to get started…

What else do we do?

DPF Filter Cleaning

Diesel Particulate Filter Removal

The Diesel Particulate Filter is useful in cutting emissions, sometimes by up to 80% but it can also cause serious tuning headaches for your ECU. It can also give you very low miles to the gallon when it is faulty or degenerating and can cost an awful lot to replace.

Remapping Kilmarnock

Here at Kilmarnock we can clean it or remove the Diesel Particulate Filter completely, quickly and for a reasonable price. We have the most advanced tuning technology available and Diesel Particulate Filter removal software which is the most advanced in the UK. This results in a reduction of risk to your vehicle and cuts the possibility of complications.

DPF removal is a complex operation that requires a great deal of skill and should not be handled yourself. We need to check the pre-pressure sensors and the post-pressure sensors before we can be sure that the work has been successfully completed. We will sometimes need to give it some more work at a later date to make sure your car is working properly but this is done free of charge and isn’t usually necessary.

The cost to completely replace the Diesel Particulate Filter can be prohibitive costing anywhere from £800 to over £5000 depending on the make and model of the car and with most vehicles needing it replaced at some point and so it makes sense to have it regularly cleaned.

Please note that Diesel Particulate Filter removal is now only allowed on off-road vehicles since new 2014 MOT laws came into effect. In an MOT now, the engineers are required to check the DPF pipe to make sure it has not been removed. Get in touch with us to have a chat about what we can do for your car.


Benefits of DPF Removal

1. An old or dirty Diesel Particulate Filter will abjectly affect your cars engine performance which will improve upon DPF removal.

2. When you have a dirty Diesel Particulate Filter it’s just the same as you holding a hankerchief over your mouth; your car can’t breathe. Therefore, when its removed, you can function efficiently again giving better fuel efficiency.

3. Limp Mode – This is where your performance drastically reduces, sometimes stopping it from going faster than 20-30 MPH! This can result in a heavy repairs cost from the garage. And when we say heavy, we mean HEAVY! DPF cleaning or removal can prevent this from happening.

4. Free Remap – If you come to us for Diesel Particulate Filter Removal then we will give your car a remap tuning for no extra charge! Not bad eh?

EGR Delete

EGR, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation is when you reduce NOx emissions by recirculating the exhaust fumes back into the air intake. The valve used to control the gas flow can be completely closed if necessary.

Doing this reduces the formation of NOx by inserting reconstituted gas instead of the oxygen-rich air. This allows the engine to function better by controlling the heat release and top temperature of the cylinder. The inert gas from the cylinder also controls peak temperature.

Remapping Kilmarnock

Recirculated air can also be passed through a cooler which can further reduce peak temperature, reducing density and allowing more EGR to go into the mix. In diesel engines it is possible to get 50% of the required gas from EGR using this method.

This is better for the environment, reducing oxygen intake prior to combustion and reduces combustion heat but doesn’t reduce piston pressure resulting in less harmful Nitrous Oxide being released into the air.

The benefits vary depending on the actual make and model of your car so please get in touch to see what we can do for your vehicle.


Benefits of EGR Delete

Since there are a great many emission reducing benefits to EGR, most modern cars perform some sort of operation of it.

However, because of the constant passing of dirty gases, carbon residue can build up which actually reduces the performance of your car and the system can be very expensive to replace. Intake manifold failure is common and if you drive your car a lot, total engine failure is sometimes possible.

By closing the inlet valve completely and shutting off the exhaust input by reprogramming your car’s ECU we can lower your engine temperature producing an improved response from the throttle and an increase in power & fuel economy. We can also increase and (in extreme cases) save the life of your engine by reducing the build up of carbon deposits and oil contamination.

We have lots of tuning services and there are many other ways we can improve your engine’s performance, fuel economy and speed here at Kilmarnock so whether you’re thinking about a remap, a DPF removal or clean or EGR delete, please get in touch today by filling out the form below and we will get started on making your ride the best it can possibly be…and save some money too!

What are you waiting for?!

Please leave your comments in the comments box below. We love to hearing from you at Remapping Kilmarnock!


ECU Remapping in Kilmarnock in one of our garages

Kilmarnock remapping advice from one of our remap specialists. We can tune your engine to give it a performance and fuel economy you never though possible. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your new remapped car!

How to Remap / Flash with MPPS

Remapping my car with the SMPS flash tool and MPPS software. Custom remap done using freeware VAGSuite and didn't cost me a penny! Find out more on VW Polo 1.4 TDI - Now with increased boost, torque limiter, smoke limiter, boost limiter, custom drivers wish map, and advanced injection timing.

by vPerformance

The Truth about Engine ECU Upgrades, Chips & Re-mapping | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

The Truth About Engine ECU Re-mapping Should you re-chip, or re-flash your engine control ECU? Plenty of people do - and sometimes it ends in tears. Re-mapping your engine sounds great - just a few taps on the keyboard. More kilowatts and more Newton-metres plus greater economy, better emissions. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Certainly it did not recently for this guy: "My VW Amarok failed. The dealership stated there was an oil leak that clogged the DPF, which fouled the turbo. When I asked for a diagnostic they claimed it was because the ECU was remapped so therefore it is my fault. The company who remapped the engine are putting it back on VW. So basically I have a 4 year old $60,000 paperweight." - Shannon When your engine blows up, an aftermarket engine control ECU is a great deal for the carmaker - because it essentially allows them to sidestep any accountability for engine or powertrain failures. And then there’s the ECU-hacking backyarders. Do you suppose the guy selling you some aftermarket chip over the counter of an industrial unit in West Analsex has a test-track and a couple of engine dynos running flat-out, doing extreme accelerated life component testing on all the makes and models he re-flashes? Do you think he bothers to establish emissions compliance? Does he appear to have a budget to compensate you for a catastrophic engine failure? I urge you to think about this beyond the vague claims on the el cheapo website. These malignant keyboard jockeys can certainly overfuel an engine at wide-open throttle get power. They can lean it out at part throttle and push the NOx through the roof - and also save a little fuel. But there’s no free lunch. You cannot do this without compromising reliability and/or emissions. The most poignant of barrel bottom-scraping missives from the department of self-destructo engines over the past 12 months emerged into my inbox almost a year ago today. "I bought a Ford Ranger 2012 brand new. It's 10 months out of warranty. It’ been serviced on time at the dealer. The car has a chip on it and the Dealer said Ford won't provide assistance because of that chip. The chip was recommended to me by the Ford salesperson and I was told it would not void the warranty. (The salesperson’s dad sells them through his own business)." - Nathan I went a fair way down the track investigating this. All I can say is: I didn’t sniff any bullshit. I formed the view it is - at best - morally repugnant for a salesman at a dealership to solicit customers for dad’s ECU upgrade business. And to purport warranty compliance, which is flat-out untrue, that’s epic misconduct - even for a car salesman. So I contacted Ford. A company with a functioning moral compass would have gone on a witch hunt. A dealer’s franchise agreement would have been leveraged against a significant pull-through. Subject to verifying the truth of the allegations, or course. I’m certain there’s a ‘bringing the brand into disrepute’ termination clause in most car dealers’ contracts. If I had received a phone call from Ford, and if the facts had been corroborated by the owner of the Ranger, with his balls suddenly released from the $15,000 vice, if they’d said: We’re fixing this and we’re taking definite steps to ensure this kind of malfeasance never happens again … … I would have gone: ‘OK. Nice one. I won’t report it.’ Instead: Deafening silence. So my strong advice to you is: Buy a vehicle that performs as you require in its standard configuration. Engine, handling - whatever - do not step across the line and open Pandora’s box by re-mapping the engine control ECU. Unless you want to wave goodbye to essentially all consumer safeguards. Re-mapping the ECU is an invitation to disaster.

by AutoExpertTV

Seat Leon Cupra AWD vs Porsche 996 Turbo Tuned

Power is Nothing Without Control! PIRELLI Tyres This time i didnt miss the 5th gear shift anyway. i have quite much stereo equipment that weighs quite much "Seat is 1820kg Full tank and me in it" Se build thread for info on Seat. 4sale.

by mygel82

290hp upgrade: Seat Toledo [1.9 TDI] by JB autoservice & JD Engineering

Subtitles: EN+RU. Next step towards higher power. This time, nozzles and even larger turbo gave some mad results for this car. Upgraded parts (from 150hp (ARL stock) to 290hp): Turbo is based on Garret 2260 and almost completely modified by FinTurbo ( - its a prototype, which used here. Nozzles - Firad +80% Clutch: ZF Sachs Race Engineering ECU Software: custom by JD engineering Down pipe: custom by JB autoservice Exhaust: Seat Cupra R Suspension: KW 40/40mm Lower control arm bush: Audi TT Brakes (front): Brembo 323x28mm + Ferodo pads Brakes (rear): VW Golf R32 Rims: 18 inch Seat Cupra R Tires: Continental Sport Contact 3 (225/40/R18) Mechanical mods by JB autoservice: ECU re-mapped by JD Engineering: Nozzles adjustment by DieselService in Olst ( Exhaust manifold by Darkside Developments ( Music by AstrogentA:

by Roman Shantyr

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